One of my first art purchases

Everyone should own a piece of artwork, regardless of your age. Maybe 20 years ago, I bought this small piece of artwork at an antique store in Kansas City. I deliberated about buying it, and it cost me a whopping $40 (which was a lot for me at the time). But you know what? This vintage art has been with me all these years. Someone can easily spend $100 in a month for just coffee. And they have nothing to show for it later.

This painting was created by Nicholas Takis (1903-1965). "This internationally renowned artist was born in New York City and studied at the Art Students League and the New York School of Fine and Applied Arts. A pioneer in American Expressionism, his oil paintings have been exhibited in several prominent museums, such as the Contemporary Art Gallery in New York, and in many private collections throughout the country.

His artwork has been included in the collections of famous people such as Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller and Marlon Brando. It spoke to me at the time because it was very modern and almost cubist, but also had that 1950s vintage art sensibility to it. And the frame was very thoughtful and interesting in its own right. 

So for about the cost of coffee for a week, I have a wonderful creative artifact that can travel with me for as long as I like. A nice piece of artwork can even be enjoyed for several generations as a family heirloom!

Find a piece of artwork that speaks to you, that you really enjoy. You can find artwork for under $10 all the way up to thousands (or millions) if you're looking for an investment piece. It's always good to find a piece of art that can check both boxes, be enjoyable but also an investment. Though enjoying the art should be your primary motive. 

Prints are nice, but I've always thought you can find quality original artwork for the same or less than the cost for a print. So unless it's a very specific image that you've fallen in love with, I recommend going on a treasure hunt to locate a special piece of art for your corner of the world. 


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