My New ETSY Shop

I have decided to add a second store to purchase my artwork, called Your Cottage Dreams on Etsy. This name may evolve over time, since I do multiple styles of artwork and it was tough to narrow it down from abstracts, florals, landscapes, or seascapes. What they all have in common is that I love the idea of a cottage style interior with beautiful original artwork. It's the notion that you can turn your own interior into a beach retreat bungalow, even if you're in the middle of Missouri. 

My decision to add the second store was based on the fact that most of my buyers are the same demographic as the people who have Etsy accounts. And they are already set up for easy payment through Etsy. In the meantime, you can either purchase artwork here at, or over at Your Cottage Dreams, whichever is easier.  Once a piece of art is sold from one of those two sites, it is also removed from the other. I will probably determine which site is most convenient for my collectors, and then phase out the other site.

Happy collecting!

TL Aley

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